ADM Milling is one of North America’s leading millers and one of the largest agricultural processors in the world. ADM processes crops to produce food ingredients, animal feed ingredients, renewable fuels and more.


ADM needed replacement parts for a facility. From a new shaft to separate the grades of flour, to new bearing housings for the roll stand, ADM lacked critical parts, damaging their ability to meet customer demands.


Facing the threat of unscheduled downtime, ADM came to us to reverse engineer their parts. Our experienced team of machinists and CNC programmers went onsite to observe the milling process in action. Using this knowledge as a framework, our team reverse engineered several crucial parts and manufactured 200 new bearing housings.


ADM’s emergency downtime dropped significantly thanks to our improvements, from an average of 25%-27%, down to 6%-10% – and that downtime continues to drop. Our improvements also reduced the time needed to check the Roll grind, reducing labor costs and allowing ADM to further focus on productive issues.