Choose babbitt bearings with more than fifty years of excellence built in.

Quality parts. Competitive pricing. On-time delivery. There’s a reason generations have trusted the babbitt bearings built by A.W. Brueggemann above all others.

Backed with steel and bronze, our babbitt bearings are proven and reliable in any machinery that has a rotating or sliding shaft component. For five decades and counting, we’ve served industrial companies ranging from compressor manufactures, to oil and natural gas companies, and more.

It’s not just the superior quality of our babbitt bearings that keeps customers coming back – it’s the level of service that comes with them. With an expansive inventory, we’re able to provide same-day shipping for the babbitt bearings you need the most. Have a special request? Our programmers and designers can deliver, and will work with you one-on-one to get you exactly what you need.

For high-quality babbitt bearings delivered fast and at a fair price, turn to the name that’s delivered for five decades and counting. A.W. Brueggemann.

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    Babbitt Bearings Available:

  • Ajax
  • Continental
  • National
  • Gaso
  • Bethlehem
  • Fairbanks Morse
  • Gardner Denver
  • Kerr
  • Wheatley

Need rebabbitting services?

We can guarantee your rebuilt bearing will perform as well or better than the original. We’ve perfected our process to deliver the highest quality babbitt bearing repair in the region, across Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Arkansas.